Discipleship at Gospel Community primarily takes place through Gospel Communities (long-term groups) and Equipping Groups (short-term groups). 
Each experience plays a specific role in the discipleship process.


An equipping group is a short-term group that meets on Sunday mornings for the purpose of Biblical instruction and community!

Equipping Groups meet at church on Sunday mornings to provide additional study and training to help you grow in your faith and in community with one another!  There are a variety of topics available for Equipping Groups that are offered at three different times during the year- spring, summer, & fall.


A Gospel Community is a long-term group that meets in the homes of our church family for the purpose of building deep relationships with one another. 

Gospel Communities are diverse, multigenerational families of believers doing life and mission together deeply. These groups meet on various nights of the week in neighborhoods around the greater Lynchburg area. Our Gospel Communities spend time together for fellowship, care, accountability, prayer, sharing stories, and studying the Bible. Gospel Communities encourage each other to live everyday for Jesus.

Because we value community so much, we have created a simple process for you to connect into a long-term group: 01: Discover & 02: Belong. Sign up for an 01: Discover today to get started!