The Christmas Store

Giving is one of the joys of Christmas! For parents, it is a special gift to be able to surprise and delight your children.

The hope of The Christmas Store is to provide toys for kids in need each Christmas, but with the added gift of dignity by providing parents the opportunity to shop for their own families at a greatly reduced cost.  


Our team spends a lot of time in our neighborhoods keeping an ear out for the most exciting toys! With this insider info, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest toys we’d love to see on shelves of our store.

Our registries make it easy for you by shipping gifts directly to our Christmas Store location by December 7th!  
We also welcome holiday themed gift wrapping items. Donations can be dropped off any Sunday or during the week to our Rivermont office.
Shopper registration has closed. We look forward to serving our community through the Christmas Store this year! 
Serving is a tangible way to share God’s love with our immediate community!  Volunteers will not only help organize and run the store, they will also work closely with our participating families and build relationships that we pray will continue well beyond the Christmas season.
Join us in spreading joy by volunteering to set up for the event, care for children, be a personal shopper or gift wrapper, pray with one another, or bring some yummy treats to share! Volunteer registration is FULL for 2022!

Our Story

The GCC Christmas Store first opened in 2018 with one simple belief—families would prefer to provide for themselves at Christmas rather than receive a hand out. This store is based off of a national model that is designed to provide the families in our neighborhood with the opportunity to shop for their children at a greatly reduced cost. It is only made possible through the generous donations from our church family and others in our community who want to give back locally. The toys are donated unwrapped and set up in a store-like setting for parents to select gifts for their own children.

We provide these gifts at extremely low prices so that the parents have the joy of purchasing items their child will like while being able to save money for other necessities. There is nothing like the joy of watching a child unwrap a gift the parent purchased for their child to enjoy. 

In the process, the funds generated from the purchases help to sustain the store each year and also allow us to provide necessary support and Christ-like care to our Rivermont and College Hill neighbors throughout the year. The Christmas Store is a unique giving opportunity because it provides three gifts in one:
1. The gift of a toy at Christmas for a child.
2. The gift of dignity for the parents who are able to provide for their families.
3. The gift of continued care and resources for our neighbors throughout the year.

Join us as we continue to build Gospel-centered relationships in our community.