with us!

At Gospel Community Church, women and men use their God-given gifts, talents, and passions to serve God.  

There are two easy steps to connect and get involved with our GCC Teams:

  1. Fill out a Connection Card
  2. Attend a Serve Connect

That's it! Typically, Serve Connect is scheduled a few Sundays throughout the year; you learn more about serving with our church, various teams that need your help, and other ministry opportunities. To see if we have any upcoming Serve Connects, visit our Events page.

Areas of service include:
  • Care teams
  • Hospitality teams
  • Communications & Media teams
  • Family Ministries 
  • Outreach teams
  • Sunday worship & production teams

You can fill out a Connection Card now to get started!


The worship team at Gospel Community Church
encompasses many different areas

Production Team:
FOH Audio 
Stage Team
Video Production
Technical Support
Graphic Design
Vocal Team:
3  singers on a typical team
Band Team:
Bass guitar
1-2 electric guitars
1 ac. guitar
1 keyboard
Loops (Ableton)
Violin/cello/harp, etc.
When on a team, the team member must be ready to lead on Sunday mornings (rehearsals are only held on Sunday mornings before the services). Our worship team utilizes a click track, in-ear monitors, and loops.



Elevation Worship

Who You Say I Am

Hillsong Worship

Reckless Love

Bethel Music

Holy Spirit

Francesca Battistelli


Submit an Application

Attend an Audition

After you submit your information, you will be asked to submit a video of you playing or singing. This video could be done through a phone, a YouTube video, or a previous recording of you leading worship (making sure you are easily heard).
Following the approval of the audition panel to advance to the final round of auditions, you will be asked to play or sing on a Sunday morning team. Following the live audition at a Sunday morning service, you will be informed within 1-2 days of your status with the worship team.

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