Our Story

It's an unlikely story on many fronts. But Gospel Community Church exists today because God is faithful. Surely, it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that believers and churches spanning more than a 100 years of history, followed Him in obedience until their stories became one.
Gospel Community Church began as a prison ministry called “Hope A Glow Fellowship” in 2010. Prior to moving to the corner of Rivermont and Bedford Avenues, GCC worshiped in a conference center, an elementary school, and a nightclub.  After years in the nightclub and seeing the need for a permanent building, Gospel Community leadership began praying.
Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church was originally “Cabell Street Baptist Church” erected as the third Baptist church in Lynchburg in 1896. In 1911, they moved locations to 1301 Rivermont Avenue and became central in Lynchburg’s largest historical district. But as the years passed, the church leaders knew that God was stirring in their hearts for something more.  RABC leaders began praying.
In early 2017 a lay leader from RABC and worship pastor from GCC were two strangers sitting next to each other on a plane. They began a conversation that would quickly become transformational for both churches. By God’s grace and provision, this conversation sparked a movement that would result in two congregations becoming one. The young, non-denominational church plant (GCC) would later adopt the historic baptist church (RABC). Today, we gather together as Gospel Community Rivermont, on the corner of Bedford and Rivermont Avenue.  
Additionally, over the last few years, God has been moving in many ways large and small to bring what was previously College Hill Baptist Church (CHBC) together with Gospel Community Church.  As of summer 2019, the congregations  legally merged and relaunched  Gospel Community College Hill as a second location of Gospel Community Church.
In every chapter of GCC, RABC, and CHBC's origin stories, God’s presence  and guidance is undeniable. Today, and into the future, we aim in all things to bring   glory to God so that He may be praised in our hearts, in our homes, and around the world.