Serving Your Community

by Spenser Foley, Director of Hospitality and Connections

My name is Spenser Foley, and I am the new Director of Hospitality and Connections.  I am the tall handsome gentleman that may you have seen walking around on Sunday mornings.  As I have been in this new position, my life has been immersed with “serving” the body of Christ.
With regard to the hospitality teams at GCCR, I serve with the best people!

As for serving in the church, this concept has never been on the forefront of my mind.  I grew up in the church; however, because of the poor leadership displayed from a couple of pastors, I developed an unhealthy idea of what it means to work or serve. Because of their example, my desire to serve had been skewed.  When I started attending Gospel Community in 2011, I stayed in the shadows, and I never got involved within the community of believers. Because I had been let down, I scorned the idea of “serving.”

A couple of years ago, God sent someone into my life who taught me an important lesson. They taught me that serving God does not only impact me. God uses my service to bless and encourage others far beyond myself – my community.  While Hannah and I were dating, she started to attend Gospel Community with me. She instantly wanted to get plugged in at church.
God used her excitement to push me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to get involved.  The more people I met, the more I wanted to get involved. The more I served, the closer I felt to the community around me. God was softening my heart and changing my perspective of the church. I am so thankful for His grace, mercy, and patience.  Today, I serve with my wife (Hannah – we were married this past September), and I feel more at home than ever before.

I want to encourage you.  Serving at GCCR isn’t only about making coffee, playing drums, passing an offering plate, or helping lead in Kid City.  Serving is about connecting with a community of believers, growing closer to God, and helping make an impact on people who don’t know Jesus.  Many of us are not ordained, or able to recite passages of scripture at the tip of our tongue; however, ALL of us can make an impact. Whether it is on a Sunday morning, or in the community throughout the week, we can encourage people with the love of Christ.

 Someone’s life could be transformed because you were used by God through serving a cup of coffee or taking time to talk with a neighbor in the community.

Ever since I’ve started serving at Gospel Community, I have become much more aware of my walk with God.  Through leading the different Hospitality Teams, my eyes have been opened to see how God uses us to impact the lives of others.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw a GCCR parking attendant greet a new family, walk them through the church, and help them find a seat in the sanctuary.  They didn’t need to preach a sermon to this family to make a positive impact for the Kingdom of God. This GCCR team member used the gifts and talents that God gave them to serve the church and ultimately honor Jesus.  What a powerful impact on a family who attended for the first time ever! Serving the people around you will help you grow in your relationship with God. Take time to find ways to help serve in the church. You never know what God might do.

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