Prayer Walk Guide

As you pray God's promises with specific homes or work sites in view, hope for those people should begin to grow. Hopefully, you will begin to see people as God views them. You will likely find yourself becoming more interested in the spiritual welfare of the people for whom you are praying. Watch for the ways God impresses you to display His love in practical acts of kindness. Do not be afraid to take time to talk to or pray with someone if the opportunity arises.

- Ask God what His vision for this neighborhood/street is? What does He want to see happen here?
- How does He want you to be aware of those in your neighborhood that are hurting and in need of him?
- What ways does He want to use you in the future to be his hands and feet?

- Pray that individuals and families would hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
- Pray against the tactics of the Father of Lies.

- What are some things you heard the Lord say on your prayer walk?
- What surprised you about your time in this community?
- In order to see the gospel moved forward in this neighborhood, what needs to happen?

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