Medical Mission Team Travels to Peru

This past August, we sent a team to Puerto Rico to serve the church there. Now, we are sending a team of 14 to Lima, Peru, today (November 15, 2019) on a medical missions trip. The purpose of this trip is multi-faceted. First, our team hopes to leverage the experience of the medical professionals we have at GCC and intentionally partner with Mosaico Church and The One Collective in Peru to meet physical needs. Our hope is that in doing so, we can provide holistic, gospel-centered care for the people in Peru.

We also hope that our team members grow in their understanding of God and His mission in the world, as they collectively show and share the love of Jesus with those in Lima and Iquitos.

Finally, we hope that our team gains a greater awareness and appreciation of Peruvian culture and God’s work throughout that nation. Pastor Andrew says, “I’ve been telling our team that we do ‘missions,’ and we are going: because God came (John 1); because there is a need (Matt. 9:35); and because we are sent (Matt. 28:19-20; John 20:21).

As our team spends the next 9 days traveling and serving, we ask that you would specifically and daily be praying for the following things:

Lives to be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ:
The team will be helping many people with physical and medical needs, but they are also praying fervently for opportunities to meet the spiritual needs of those they are serving.

For unity, insight, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as a team:
Trips such as this can be challenging due to the physical, spiritual, and emotional demands they place on those going; pray that our team would be bound in unity and shared love for each other and those they are serving.

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