Serving Within Your Gifts

by Colleen Dykstra

 Think of a time when someone went out of their way to do something kind for you, a time
when you were startled by their generosity. This is how we can make people feel by serving
them selflessly.

      As Christians, one of the most important things we are called to do is to serve others. Jesus
gave two commandments in Matthew: that we are to love God and that we are to love others
as ourselves. One of the most remarkable ways that we love others is through servitude.
Serving others is a tangible act of love. As stated above, we all can remember a time when
someone did something kind and unexpected for us, it is a true way to make a difference in a
person’s life. Jesus Himself used service in His ministry. He could be seen washing sinners’ feet,
healing the blind, and creating food to feed a huge crowd. Jesus was love living among people,
and so when we are called to love our neighbors, we can do this through serving them.
The challenge to us believers is this: how can we serve our daily life? What does service to our
community daily look like?

       One way that we can get involved is by volunteering! GCC has many opportunities for service, whether it be in the church or in the community. If you are wanting to serve this summer, but don’t know where or how, GCC can help you discover your spiritual gifts and get plugged into areas that interest you!

      If you are unable to serve physically, praying for others, maintaining a servant’s heart, and being open to helping those around you are great ways to minister to your community.

1. Discover your spiritual gifts. God has wired each of us with unique interests, talents, and skills that we can use for His glory! Many of us may still be exploring what our spiritual gifts are. If you are interested in discovering your own spiritual gifts, take the assessment here.

2. Pray about where God is leading you to use your gifts. There are so many different ways that we can serve the Lord with our individual gifts, whether that is in our church, our homes, or in our community. Spend time in prayer about where the Lord is leading you to serve and don't be afraid to try serving in a few different areas that interest you!

3. Fill out our serve form. This will help us get to know you better and get you plugged into areas that fit your individual interests and gifts, whether that's within our church or the community around us. Fill out the form here:
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Dahn Carey - December 12th, 2021 at 10:19am

Just wondering what kinds of things are good to donate to the refugees at Fort Picket? I'm grateful we can watch your worship & sharing on line as my husband & I have done a lot of travelling since last May. Your Advent messages are nourishing!

Thank You!

Stephen & Dahn Carey